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Anti-Majos Productions is a project which aims to confront the endless shubuhat (“arguments”), deceptions, distortions, twistings and BLATANT lies of the double-faced sect of Twelver Imamism (“Shias” i.e. Rafidah).

The danger of this sect lies in its hypocritical approach towards innocent Muslims of Ahl Al-Sunnah. Be it from a political perspective or and a theological one. From one point of view this sect (along with its Safavid Rafidite state) calls to “unity” and “brotherhood” but if any Knowledgable Muslim takes another look, it will not be hidden that all the propaganda of the Imamite sect is based on throwing doubts on the beliefs of Ahl Al-Sunnah and attacking the Sahabah and the Mothers of the Believers day and night. In today’s age this is been hidden to many as it was in the past, yet there is still a need to shed lies on all the so-called “Sunni references” and “arguments” which the layman and the “scholars” of the Shias bring forth to put doubt in the hearts of the People of the Sunnah.

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