The Ghulat: Ali Is The Master Of The Prophets Of Allah!

Shi’ism is a religion based on anti-Qur’anic beliefs. Allah has mentioned over 20 Prophets in the Qur’an, some entire Surahs are named after them, the details of their lives and their superiority over all of mankind is clearly mentioned in the book of Allah, yet the Rafidah have the audacity to claim that their set of preferred saints/Imams are greater in status than the mighty Prophets of Allah that -unlike the so-called Shia infallible Imams who are nowhere mentioned in the Qur’an- are clearly mentioned in the Qur’an!

This is the foolish religion of the Rafidah; those who are nowhere mentioned in the Qur’an (12 Imams) are superior to those who have been clearly mentioned and praised in the Qur’an.

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