Imams approved demolition of Jannatul Baqi’

Part of Shi’ite victimhood relies heavily on the false narrative that “Wahhabis demolished the graves of Ahlul-Bayt” in the graveyard of Baqee’ in Madinah (no grave was destroyed, lavish and wasteful shrines and tombs were flattened). In this video, we conduct a deep examination of the rulings of building upon graves from Shia books, the statements of their Imams, and the rulings from eminent Shia scholars. You will be surprised to see how similar they are to the Sunni position. So why then do Shias ignore their own rulings and insist on building humongous expensive shrines AND vilify Muslims for following Islamic teachings on graves? Of course, the real reason for the obsession of the Rafidah, specifically their charlatan clergy, with lavish and extravagant graves is none other than business. It has become a means of income for them and like other grave worshippers, they exploit their gullible followers…








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