Even Greasy Shia Road aka Park Runner can’t resist ANTI-MAJOS. Our updated website is loaded with over 250 videos, everything the Rafidah have deported is back (we’ve told them that by reporting us, they only encourage us to work harder)! Bookmark and make it viral:


Please donate (maintaining a website with over 250+ videos is very costy): CLICK HERE TO DONATE!

Rafidah have reported and shut down our channels dozens of times, only for us to come back even harder on them. Support us by flooding social media platforms with our videos. ALL our material is downloadable on our website.

Join us in exposing the enemies of Islam/Ahlul-Sunnah!

NOTE: You may download every single video and re-upload it online, we actually encourage that – provided no changes are made to our material.

May Allah bless and reward you for defending His religion by exposing the deviant Rafidah.

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