The Goddess of the Shia

You thought Rafidah worship 12 buried Imams only? If so, then you still know little about the evil Mushrik religion of Shia Twelver Rafidism. The Rafidah have elevated Fatimah’s (a) status to that of a mediator of all graces, similar to the status of Mary (a) in the Catholic church. The Catholics have Mariology and the Rafidah have Fatimolgy. Catholics worship the queen of heaven (Mary) and Rafidah worship the Queen of heaven (Fatimah), Mary and Fatimah worship in the name of “intercession” (Tawassul).

The Catholic Church has elevated Mary to the level of mediator, advocate, and co-redeemer of humanity, in direct contradiction of the existing corrupted Bible. In 1854, Pope Pius IX declared Mary “immaculate,” or sinless, thus giving her the position of mediator. And the Rafidah declared Fatimah (based on a verse that they distort) and made her an object of worship.

Now we don’t want to assign to the Rafidah anything that they don’t say, so we are about, at this point, to let you hear a plethora of their “scholars” exposing their own beliefs (with zero comments from our side).

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