Shia Kufr: Imams Superior To Prophets!

No sect, no matter how evil, has ever claimed that its saints and Imams are superior than the mighty Prophets of Allah that are mentioned numerous times in the Qur’an (unlike so called “infallible” Imams) except the Rafidi Twelver sect of course. What many don’t know: Rafidism doesn’t just teach that the twelve Imams are superior than the Prophets, but that the Prophets are actually followers of the twelve Imams and not even worth to be compared to the “holy Imams”. This is how they degrade the Prophets of Allah under the disguise of “loving and following the Ahlul-Bayt”.

May Allah punish the Rafidah for their lies and bring afflict them with calamities upon calamities.

PS: Notice how their top scholars (like Ayatullat al-Musawi, representative of Ayatullat Sistani) make clear that the belief in the superiority of the Shia Imams over the mighty Prophets of Allah is a matter of Ijma’ (consensus) in the Shia Twelver sect. So don’t fall for their Taqiyyah if they claim that this is just one of many opinions.

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