Shi’ism is Killing us – Documentary [AM ARCHIVE/2012]

Old but gold, this documentary includes alot of shocking information about the treacherous nature of the Rafidah, the principle enemy of Ahlus-Sunnah from day one. We would like to thank and who both have uploaded and hosted this large file and documentary on their websites, may Allah reward all of us with the best of rewards.


We urge everyone, Muslim or non-Muslim, everyone who loves justice to download and re-upload this video (with the only condition that you do not change ANYTHING in the video). This video is for educational purposes only and simply provides a view of the Syrian people who are literally being butchering by Bathist Assad regime who is ironically backed by the so called regime that claims to support the “oppressed” worldwide. It has some graphic material (it is blured) but nevertheless we put a clear warning in the video title (18+)

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