Shia Hatred Towards The Noble Kurdish People

Their fake Hebrew “Mahdi” (Dajjal) is described in their own books as an anti-Arab (really a Neo-Sassanian-Zionist monster) bigot who will slaughter all Arabs with the aid of his Persian (of course) and even Jewish followers. Most Arabs have never accepted Shi’ism and as a punishment they have been demonized in the name of the Arab Household of the Messenger of Allah (s) and given the glad tidings of mass slaughter.

A similar nation are the Kurds; they too are a majority Sunni nation that just like the Arabs have never accepted Shi’ism (despite living in close proximity to the lands of the Rafidah Shia) and of course they too have been a target of the Rafidah and their despicable and racist Shia Hadiths (fabrications attributed to the Ahlul-Bayt).

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