The Kufr of Ayatullat Khomeini: Fatimah Received Revelation after The Seal of all Prophets!

This Kufri Shia belief is of course not restricted to Khomeini, it’s a mainstream Twelver belief that is not less in Kufr than the belief of the Qadyanis. Qadyanis are just more sincere then Rafidis, they called their revelation receiving Dajjal after the Prophet a Prophet, whereas Rafidah call their so called infallibles as Imams, yet their Imams and Fatimah do not just receive revelation (in form of books!) after the Seal of all Messengers, they are even superior than all Prophets (except the final one). Rafidism is more severe in Kufr than Qadyanism. The The Imamah of the Shia, is really a hidden call for the continuation of Prophethood.

The seal of the Muhaddithin of the Shia, the Safawi palace Mulla Muhammad Baqir al-Majlisi who aided the Safavids in their onslaught on the Sunnis of Iran and as a reward has been revered in the entire Shia world to this very day, especially in Iran where he is buried.

ولا نعرف جهة لعدم اتصافهم بالنبوة إلا رعاية جلالة خاتم الانبياء ، ولا يصل عقولنا إلى فرق بين بين النبوة والامامة ، وما دلت عليه الاخبار فقد عرفته ، والله تعالى يعلم حقائق أحوالهم صلوات الله عليهم أجمعين

To our knowledge there is no reason not to describe the Imams as Prophets except consideration to the status of the Final Prophet. Our intellect too, cannot perceive a distinction between Nabuwwah (Prophethood) and Imamah. (Bihar l-Anwar, Vol. 26, pg. 82)

More of such shocking statements can be found here>>> and after his introduction, watch the Arch-Zindeeq Khomeini spewing his Kufr:

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  • 21/08/2020 at 9:23 AM

    The Raafidah of today are the Khawaarij of the past – Why? – They make Takfeer on the Sahabah too.


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