Shia Rabbi al-Musawi Shamelessly Attributes a Du’a of Shirk (Nadi Ali) To Ahlus-Sunnah!

“Sayed” Muhammad al-Musawi (Iraqi who learned Urdu and spent some time in the subcontinent) is one of the many Musaylimahs and arch-liars that the Hawzat of the Rafidah have produced. He’s a very special one though, history will never forget how young Sunni students (Abu Muntasir al-Balushi al-Irani, ‘Othman al-Khamis al-Kuwaiti etc.) in 2002 Ramadhan wiped the floor with him and completely humiliated him in a series of debates, proving what a Jahil his likes are. Even many Shias felt ashamed and were shocked how arrogant and ignorant this person his.

Now has he learned his lesson? Of course not, he is still very active, spreading lies wherever he can, like in the following clip, taken from the London, UK based Ahul-Bayt (of Iblis and Kisra Majoos) satellite channel where he casually lies through his teeth. Pay attention to the gullible host.


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