🔥Shi’ism: Hatred and Takfir on the Sahabah and Love and Praise for Iranians🔥

Watch the Rafidah Shias (including so called “Arab” Shias aka Persianized Majoos), the enemies of Islam, sanity and Muslims (Arabs in particular) not just declaring all the Sahabah (except a tiny handful, of course including a Persian) as Kuffar but also venerating Persians to an extent where they declare them pious believers who are superior to the “evil” Sahabah, the “apostates”!

All Rafidah (irrespectiv  of their ethnicity) are Majoos, they are rightfully referred as such (Majoos) for they are Majoos in essence (just like they are Sabaites in essence) no matter how many times they deny it. The worse of them are in fact the “Arab” Rafidah, the humiliated sidemen of the Iranian Majoos.

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