Shi’ism: Nowruz is an Islamic ‘Eid!

Nowruz (Norooz, Nowrooz) is not just some cultural holiday/’Eid to Iranian (and other Iranic people) as many Shia apologists (especially the fooled Arab ones) claim, rather this Zoroastrian holiday is an integral part of Twelver Shi’ism and sanctified by Shia Ayatullats who have dedicated entire chapters in their works for the merits (!) of Majoosi Nowruz and the so called recommended (mustahabb!) deeds and actions that a Shi’i must perform on that they.

Majoosification 2.0! Whoever doubts the Majoosism of the Rafidah is either ignorant of the reality of Rafidism or one of them.

NOTE: Shia apologists and other simpletons always commit the mistake and blunder by pointing out how many “Sunnis” celebrate Nowruz too, especially in Sunni Kurdistan and Sunni Afghanistan. The response to this is simple: This is a faulty analogy and the reason why is because in Sunnism Nowruz (or any other ‘Eid other than the two Islamic ‘Eids) has never been condoned and sanctified, as a matter of fact it is condemned and rejected. In Shi’ism on the other hand, Nowruz is a blessed and holy day that the Arabs have forsaken and the Persians have preserved! Sunnis (a minority among them) who celebrate Nowruz are going against their own religion, thus it is no wonder that most of these so called Sunnis are either of the extreme ignorant and superstitious type or extremist secularists.

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