Evil Shia Principle: Guidance Lies in Opposing Sunnis

The Rafida have an evil principle (based on grudgeful fabrication attributed to the Ahlul-Bayt):

خذوا بما خالف العامة فإن فيه الرشاد

“Practice upon that which opposes the ‘Ammah (Sunnah), for in it lies guidance.”

Their ‘reliable scholar’, al-Kulayni mentions that one of the manners in which a decision can be reached when the narrations are contradictory is as stated by the Imam:

دعوا ما وافق القوم فإن الرشد في خلافهم

“Leave that which corresponds to (the view of) the people (Sunnis), as guidance lies in opposing them. (Usul al0Kafi pg. 8 (introduction), Wasa’il al Shia 18/80)

Imam al-Sadiq says (according to their fabrications):

إذا ورد عليكم حديثان مختلفان فخذوا بما يخالف القوم

“If there are two contradictory narrations before you, then take the one that opposes the people.” (Wasa’il al Shia 18/85)

The hateful Rafidah have dedicated an entire chapter for opposing the opponents/Sunnis in one of their most important books called ʿIlal al-sharāyiʿby one of their most important scholars and pillars of their religion, the Iranian Shaytan Ibn Babawayh al-Qummi al-Kadhub (whom they refer to as al-Saduq).

According to Khomeini the basis of their religion is opposition of the Ahlus-Sunnah and that this principle is the deciding factor in the case of conflicting narrations. Hence he says:

إن أخبارهم الآمرة بالآخذ بخلاف العامة… كقوله: ما خالف العامة ففيه الرشاد… وقوله: دعوا ما وافق القوم فإن الرشد في خلافهم هي من أصول الترجيح. وليس الترجيح بها بمحض التعبد، بل لكون المخالفة لهم طريقا إلى الواقع، والرشد في خالفتهم.

“Their [infallible Imams] narrations which contain the order of opposing the commonality (Sunnis), like the narration: ‘There is guidance in that which goes against the commonality’ and the narration: ‘leave that which is in harmony with the people, for guidance is in opposing them’, are from the principles of giving preference. And giving preference based on them is not merely an act of worship (without any logical reasoning), but because their opposition being a very practical way wherein is guidance.” (Al Ta’adul wa al-Tarjih p. 71 by Ayatollah Ruhullah Khomeini)

As you can see, Khomeini emphasises upon the importance of shunning all narrations which agree with the Ahlus Sunnah, as if they are Jews and Christians whose imitation is impermissible. Some of their narrations actually state that the Ahlus Sunnah are more steeped in disbelief than the Jews and the Christians.

Khomeini and all Twelver authorities consider opposing the Ahlus-Sunnah in their principle beliefs to be a preference factor according to them. So where are those who extend their hands to unite with him? And where are those who claim that he no more practiced Taqiyyah with the Ahlus-Sunnah?

For those who are interested in this diabolic principle that the Rafida have attributed to the Ahl al-Bayt we recommend the following epic book (translated by the hardworking brothers at mahajjah.com):

A Comprehensive study of the Shia creed (Usul Madhhab al-Shia al-Ithnay ‘Ashariyyah) by  Shaykh Doctor Nasir ibn ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Ali al-Qaffari, Chapter Three -Their Beliefs Regarding Ijma’ (consensus of the Ummah) – Guidance Lies in Opposing the Masses (Ahlus Sunnah) and chapter Extremism in Shia Belief – Khomeini

And here our contribution, from the horse’s mouth:

Download (right click ‘Save Link As…’)

So next time Mr. Twelver Shia when you find yourself in a Sunni country and you want to know the ruling for suicide remember to ask a Sunni scholar and then do the exact opposite of what he tells you, remember, in it is guidance.

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