Ammar Nakhjavani Lies about Self-Flagellation

This is one of our videos that was flagged so hard by the Rawafilth (Nakhjavani tries to save face) that Youtube decided to ban it permanently from their platform, preventing us to re-upload it ever again (we tried, their agorithm doesn’t let us)! You can only watch it here on our website. Make sure to share it with friends and foes, including non-Muslims who are interested in Islam, so that they know that even PhD holders like “Nakhshawani” (Nakhjavani) are nothing but charlatans who lie through their teeths in an university to the gullible masses, in order to hide the ugly face i.e. reality of Rafidism (Twelver Imami Shi’ism) and the turbaned devils they call “Ayatollahs”.




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