🔥Womanish looking Persian-Majoosi demigods🔥

Muslims don’t insult their masters ‘Ali/Ahlul Bait (رضوان الله عليهم), Allah forbid, in fact, we condemn Rafidism due to our love for them. For instance, we as Muslims oppose the despicable Christian-like bid’ah of iconography (depiction of God, Prophets and saints) that the Rafidah have copied from the pagan Church to an extent that you will almost never find a Rafidi self-beating temple (“Hussainiyyah”) devpoid of such idolatry. What makes it worse is that unlike the Trinitarian polytheists, the Rafidah have chosen to portray their deities in a bizarre effeminate (Persian art) style!

Hence, it is not us who are insulting the Ahl al-Bayt by rejecting the ugly Rafidi bid’ah of drawing them like womanish-looking Majoosi effaminite/Womanish looking demigods, it’s their (false) claimants who do so, including their top authorities (like Ayatullat Sistani, the Iranian of course …), declaring the Ahl al-Bayt free of this pagan nonsense is an obligation on every Muslim!


The poster above depicts a revered Shiite saint




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