🔥 Majoosi (distorted Zoroastrianism) influenced Shi’ism🔥

In our series (two episodes) called ‘Majoosi (Magi/Zoroastrian) influenced Shi’ism we prove that modern-day Shiism is beyond doubt influenced by pagan and superstitious (pre-Islamic) Persian rituals and beliefs. Of course, there is no contradiction in saying that Shiism is Yahoodi-Sabaite in spirit/origin and Majoosi at the same time, as Shiism in its extreme forms has always been a cocktail of all sorts of heresies.

Note: of course not everything that non-Muslims do and believe is rejected in Islam, similarities are not a reason for blanket condemnation and rejection (that would be a logical fallacy) of their beliefs and actions (after all we agree with them, especially the Ahl al-Kitab, on some beliefs, generally speaking of course), however, similarities in matters which are not sanctified and approved in Islam (like Shia fire-walking, veneration of Nowrooz) are rightfully rejected and called out for the heresies they are. After watching this series it should be clear to everyone why ANTI-MAJOS is called as such and why the Rafidi Shiism is often referred to as a form of pre-Islamic Persian paganism with a thin guise of Islam.

PART 1/2

PART 2/2


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