Yasser al-Habib (Iran, Qom educated) is Scared of Debating Rami Isa (Egypt)

Yasser al-Khabeeth’s fanboys say that their Sheikh made it clear that he only debates scholars of Ahl al-Sunnah. Who declared al-Khabeeth a scholar? For every Ayatullat they can bring we can bring two who have condemned their Sheikh. The truth is, Yasser al-Khabeeth wants to debate Sunni scholars who are NOT specialized in Shi’ism, this is a specific field and he knows that by debating a big name it will serve his cause (publicity etc.). Rami Isa is an expert on Shi’ism, he has defeated numerous Shia scholars in debates, there is ample evidence for that on his youtube videos. Yasser al-Khabeeth is scared of him, he knows that Rami Isa will wipe the floor with him. Enjoy:

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