Wilayat al-Takwiniyyah – The Source of all Shia Extremism

If you have ever wondered what the root cause for all the Rafidi evil in relation to their kufri and shirki beliefs and rituals is ,than know that it is no other belief than the kufri belief of al-Wilayah al-Takwiniyyah.

Al-Wilayah al-Takwiniyyah is the concept that the “infallible” dozen Imams have control over all the atoms in the universe (In this short book, Fadhlallah, destroys this concept by using Qur’anic verses and the intellect. A must read for all Shias!).

This heretical mainstream Twelver Shia belief has opened the door for their evil “Ayatollahs” to justify all sorts of pagan beliefs hiding it with fancy terminologies (that they can’t even pronounce correctly) like الإستقلال (al-Istiqlal, the belief – or rather pathetic excuse – that every over-exaggeration with their Imams is only done by the will of Allah) and and what

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