Shia Children Indoctrinated With Shirk – ANTI-MAJOS RESPONDS TO BAYAT AL GHADEER

We start with a short intro by one of their members, the squeaky voice Hassan Bokhari:

This is a video in refutation of the foolosh Bayat al Ghadeer (Ganesh) team. “Syed” Ali, Zayn (Shia Road/Park Runner) and Raza (Double Edged Anal Tweezer) repeatedly lied upon ANTI-MAJOS and accused our team of supporting Shia killings by terrorists.

The truth is, despite our justified and rightful disgust and opposition towards Rafidism, all team members at ANTI-MAJOS have never condoned the killing of innocent people, no matter of what religious, ethnic or political background. And since Taqiyyah (holy-Shia deception and art of lying) is not 9/10 of our religion, you can rest assured that we mean every single word.

Having said that, there is nothing wrong in showing how in tragic moments the polytheists (like the Rafidah) invoke other than Allah, which makes them worse than the ancient polytheists (Mushriks) mentioned in the Qur’an who at times of hardship abandoned all their idols and saints and called upon Allah/God alone. Watch our response and see how Shia children are indoctrinated from young age with Shirk and prayers to other than Allah.

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