Former High Ranking Hezbollah Cleric Exposes Iran and its Henchman in Lebanon

Subhi al-Tufayli (Arabic: صبحي الطفيلي‎) (born 1948) was the first Secretary-General or leader of Hezbollah (Hizbullat/Hizbushaytan). In February 2013, al-Tufayli berated Hezbollah for fighting on behalf of the Syrian government in the Syrian civil war. He said “Hezbollah should not be defending the criminal regime that kills its own people and that has never fired a shot in defense of the Palestinians”.

Al-Tufayli added: “those Hezbollah fighters who are killing children and terrorizing people and destroying houses in Syria will go to hell”.[12] He also berated the Lebanese Army for not stopping Lebanese citizens crossing the border to fight in Syria.[13]

He also claim that ISIS is created by Iranian and Syrian Government with help of Russia. In another video, the former Hizballah senior slams what he describes as the US-Russian alliance against the Muslims in the region, suggesting that “we [the Shia] are serving the Americans and Russians against Muslim children”.

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