The Persian/Iranian Shia of Kuwait – A Fifth Column

Look at the freedom these Rawafid enjoy in so called ‘Wahhabi’ countries whereas Sunni scholars get arrested for speaking out against them.

Note: Many so called ‘Arab’ Shias are actually of Persian/Iranian descent. In Iraq (especially clergy Mafia families like the QazVinis, NakhjaVanis, Modarresis, Sistanis and other Absurdistanis) most of them are neutralized and make up the majority of Shia ‘Arab’ cities like Karbala and Najaf. In Kuwait it’s even more extreme as the vast majority of Kuwaiti Shia ‘Arabs’ are actually quite recent (last few decades) immigrants from Iran who took advantage of Kuwait’s wealth and the stupidity of its rulers who have given their new fifth column all sorts of freedom to spread their kufr, shirk and Anti-Arab/Sahabah grudge under the guise of ‘following the school of Ahlul-Bayt’.

Almost all of Kuwait’s Shia citizens are Persians, Shias are 30% of Kuwait’s 4.137 million citizen population. There are also many known Kuwaiti Sunni families of Persian descent (Persian Sunnis who immigrated from mainly southern Iran to Kuwait), however most Persian Kuwaitis are Shia. Today, Kuwait claims to have the highest percentage of citizens of Iranian origin in the Arabian Peninsula, all thanks to the transgressors who are ruling Muslim lands and in their foolishness don’t even realize that they have dig their own graves by neutralizing a people that are more loyal to Iran and Qom than to anything else.

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