Pagan Shia Mourning Ritual: The Wailing Rafidi Lion!

Based on fabricated reports, the Rafidah believe that a lion appeared at Karbala’ protecting Sayyiduna al-Hussayn ibn ‘Ali (r). Now they will argue that this is in the realms of possibility, nothing impossible let alone pagan about it. Our responses to these pagans without intellect is:

  1. Yes, all sorts of miracles are possible, nobody rejects to idea of miracles, however, the story was invented by a fabricator, by a foolish (Rafidi) on top of it, for according to the Rafidi narrative a lion suddenly appeared in the desert of Karbala AFTER al-Hussayn was slaughtered by the criminal army of Yazid in order to protect the slained martyr! The question is: what’s the point for a lion appearing AFTER a battle! Did the lion miss his train? What stupid “miracle” is this suppose to be, no doubt this can only be concocted by a Rafidi.
  2. It is pagan, an ugly bid’ah that is primarily known from the Persian tradition called Ta’zieh. This Rafidi ritual in its earliest form was introduced by the Twelver Shia Safavids (16th dynasty that forced most of modern day Iran’s population into Shi’ism), it reenacts the tragedy of Karbala similar to the The Passion Play or Easter pageant (senakulo) which is a dramatic presentation depicting the Passion of Jesus Christ: his trial, suffering and death. It is a traditional part of Lent in several Christian denominations, particularly in Catholic tradition.

Conclusion: The reenactmant of a lion and many other ludicrous Rafidi Shia “mourning” tradition and rituals are rooted in Iranian Majoosi and even “Christian” traditions, it has nothing to do with Islam nor the Ahlul-Bayt and the Rafidah having the audacity to even utter the word bid’ah and accusing others of commiting bid’ah (to Rafidah, Taraweeh i.e. praying to Allah alone = bid’ah) reminds one of the example of the prostitute who accused a virgin lady of being a whore!

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