A Wife Can Sodomy Her Husband In Shiism – Order Your Turbah Dildos NOW!

The Rafidah have an obsession and fixation with the anal passage, they even accuse a number of major Sahabah (married man and father-in-laws of the Messenger of Allah like ‘Omar ibn al-Khattab) of sodomy. For their slander against the Mother of the Believers ‘Aisha (ra), Allah made them whip themselves (they are really deceived by Shaytan thinking they are doing something praiseworthy) and for their slander against the likes of ‘Omar, Allah made them be lead by a bunch of Iranian Ayatullats who can’t read a Fatihah with basic Tajweed and let their own wives sodomize them. That’s the life of a Rafidi, humiliation upon humiliation.

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