Prostrate To Fatimah like the Angels Did To Adam – The Failed Shia Analogy

These Turbaned Kuffar and Mushriks are from whom the Shia masses take their religion from. Mentally disturbed individuals who have nothing to offer but Kufr, Shirk, superstitions and other forms of extremism in the name of the Ahlul-Bayt. The following Zindeeq/heretic makes a flawed analogy by comparing the polytheistic Sunnah and ritual of seeking help and beseeching Fatimah (r) for 500+ times in prayer in Shiism, with Angels prostrating (not praying to other than Allah nor asking other than Allah for help) in the direction of Adam as a sign of respect (something that is not allowed in our Shari’ah for anyone).

Their prostration before Adam was a sign of honor and respect and out of obedience to the command of Allah. Qatadah commented, “The obedience was for Allah and the prostration was before Adam. Allah honored Adam and commanded the Angels to prostrate before him.” (See Al-Tabari (1): 512).

The Angels did not invoke Adam and asked him a few hundred times for help in Sujud, only a foolish person would compare this to what Shias do. It is also noteworthy that this understanding can be found in the early books of the Shia:

It has been reported from Imam al-Sadiq, peace be upon him, that once a Zindiq (hypocrite heretic …) asked him: “Is it appropriate to prostrate to other than Allah? The Imam said: “No!” He (i.e. Zindiq) asked: “Then how come Allah ordered the Angels to prostrate to Adam, peace be upon him?” The Imam answered: “Whoever prostrates due to an order of Allah is as if he has prostrated to Allah, so his prostration is in fact to Allah as it was an order of Allah (to prostrate).” [Al-Ihtijaj by Al-Tabrisi, 218 : 2, Bihar Al-Anwar, 168 : 10]


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