Ahmad al-Hassan – The Scabby Dog and Mahdi of The Rafidah

Khalid al-Wisabi (Yemen, people of Tawhid and wisdom) had a series of debates with a disturbed Ex-Sufi turned Rafidi from Egypt (most converts to Rafidism, especially in the Arab world, are either deranged social outcasts or extremist heretics to begin with), a follower of the Ahmad al-Hassan, a Rafidi cult (“Ansar of Imam al-Mahdi) leader in Iraq who claims to be the savior of mankind, the son, messenger, vicegerent, and executor of the affairs of the (mythical Rafidi) Mahdi, al-Yamani, an infallible Imam, the first of 12 Mahdis, a messenger of the prophets Isa and Elijah.

Yes, you read right, a even more retarded cult within an already retarded sect, that is, Rafidism. It’s the Rafidah’s own Qadyanism, just on steroids. Enjoy the clip.


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