Miracles that nobody has witnessed except a Nowruz Supporting Heretic – Muʿallā b. Khunays

A short video but a telling one. The narrator of this myth (no, of course miracles are not myths, however, Prophet-like miracles that have been “witnessed” by ultra-heretics only are anything but reliable) is the famous Shia narrator Muʿallā b. Khunays al-Kūfī (Arabic: مُعَلّی بن خُنَیْس الکوفی, d. 131/748). This Zindeeq was known for his Ghuluw (extremism), he was from the Ghulat (those who exaggerate about Shiite Imams) and attributed a lot of lies to the Ahlul-Bayt, especially to Jafar ibn Muhammad (al-Sadiq).

Mu’alla (who was of Iranian descent like many Shia narrators) was killed at the command of Abbasid officials in 131/748. He transmitted hadiths in praise of Majoosi Nowruz.


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