The Qur’an And The Shia (Twelver) Chain Of Transmission Myth

Rafidah claim to have chains to their Imams allowing for Mut’ah, allowing for this, allowing for that (did the alleged students of these Imams narrate everything from them except the Quran?!!) and yet they cannot produce for you a single chain from their 11th Imam to Ali (ra) for the Quran! They are aware of this dilemma so in order to fool their own gullible followers and other weak-minded people, they often will change the topic and tell you ‘Oh, so and so in the chain of the transmission of the Qur’an was a Shia (as if he was a Twelver!), so and so was a whatever’, a rubbish claim that can be actually refuted with a single question:

Where is the chain of the Shi’ah today to Hafs or to Warsh or to Qaloon or to Al-Duwri or … or … or? Where are their chains that do not rely on the scholars of Ahlul-Sunnah? The entire Qur’an was preserved by Allah through the Sahabah, their students, their students, and the scholars of Ahlul-Sunnah to this very day!

Once you realize that no one cared enough to narrate the Quran from the way of the alleged infallible Imams till the Messenger of Allah (s) once you realize that no one from among them cared enough to narrate from their Imams the Qur’an as they narrated from them Mut’ah, Taqiya, the … the … once you realize that they cannot and will not provide you with a chain that goes from Imam to the next when it comes to the Major Thaql, you will see how ridiculous their whole sect is.

If they did not care enough to narrate the Quran from there Imams, how then can they be trusted in any other matter of the Deen.

The following video (with a pinch of banter) refutes the deceptive Shia Twelver argument that suggests that the Qur’an (Qira’at) was transmitted by their own (a lie, it was actually transmitted by fallibles, among them ‘Uthman (r) and other so called apostates!).


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