The Rise Of Ex-Shias [VIDEO]

rise_of_ex_shias_NOSUBTWhereas Rafidah have admittedly done a good job presenting their filth as gold (so called ex-Sunnis who are mostly nothing but Khurafai/superstitious ex-Graveworshippers i.e. Semi-Rafidis in the first place), we the Ahlus-Sunnah have failed in this regard. In Arabic and Persian there is tons of material available, entire Youtube channels run by Ex-Shias who converted to Islam/Sunnah, TV shows dedicated to them, books written by them, yet barely anyone has heard of them in the English speaking world and this is due to the failure of the Ummah in promoting them on a global scale.

In the Arab world like in Iranian Majoosi occupied Al-Ahwaz and even in the heartland of Iran, mass-conversions to Islam/Sunnah have not just been recognized by western kafir think tanks, but also by the Iranian regime and its Mullahs themselves who have openly lamented how droves of Iranians, including ethnic Persians have not just left Shi’ism (that’s not really news among Iranians) but for the first time in Post-Safavid Iranian history have converted back to Islam/Sunnah.

An ANTI-MAJOSⒸ we are doing our part, with limited resources and minimal (if any) financial support (you can support us, check the right thumbnail). If you know anyone who can translate from Arabic and/or Persian then drop as a message, and may Allah reward us all.


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