Mud-Bathing Rafidi style

As Rafidism is based on bida it naturally breeds Bida. One of the monstrosities Rafidism has given birth to (besides Persian 🔥 rituals such as firejumping/walking) is the “Hussaini symbol” of mud bathing.

A Sunnah of pigs and religious Hindus alike.

Nobody has misused the tragedy of our beloved Hussain (r) more than the Rafida TireHeads (Shia Maharajas) who r responsible for the misguidance of millions. Under the pretext of “remembering Hussain” they’ve introduced all kinds of pagan rituals in the name of Islam & #AhlulBayt

Objections answered


BuT mUd bAthInG iS hAeLthY, sCiEnCe SayS so.

Answer: That’s irrelevant, many things might be healthy, didn’t mean we innovate annual *religious* rituals in the name of Ahlul-Bayt!

Cupping (Hijamah) is healthy too, doesn’t mean we smack our heads with blades …

Rafida (unbelievable but they go to any lenghts):

There is narrations in which the Prophet’s (saws) face is covered in dust..


1. Dust ≠ Mud
2. The Prophet (saws) never facilitated ANY annual mourning procession (let alone self-whipping or mudbathing), for no one.

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