Kamal Haydari Rejects the Finality of Prophethood

Yes brothers and sisters, Kamal al-Haydari is still the same old nasty rafidi zindeeq who believes in all the rafidi crap from flying elephants to menstruating rabits. From shirk to zandaqa. So please stop your wishful thoughts about him.

It was only a few years ago, that the Shia cleric Kamal al-Haydari was busy trying to find faults in Islam on his weekly TV shows. Soon enough however, he was unable to continue as people wizened up to his lies, saw through his double standards and caught on to the games this rabbi was playing (i.e. turning a blind eye to the filth his religious books contain and instead attempting to find faults in Islam through deception, lies and misinterpretation of the text.)

Realizing that he was too deep into the hole he had dug for himself, he decided to make a new show. This time time aiming at finding faults in Shia books. His goal was to show to the world that he was an independent and truthful researcher who scrutinizes religious texts to point out absurd and illogical narrations.

But the most ludicrous thing about these new shows was that Kamal only rejected the narrations while still firmly believing in all of the absurd and illogical beliefs of the Rafidhi cult.

For example, he rejected the narrations about the so-called injustice done to Fatima at the hands of the Sahaba. Yet, he still accepts that injustice was done to Fatima by the Sahaba!

He acknowledged that there is not even a single authentic narration found in Shia books regarding the birth of the Shia Mahdi, but still believes that the Mahdi was born . . and so on.

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